Artprize @ Studio Park

Fusion At Studio Park

FUSION is a project that is inspired by the energy of the stars and show the invisible world of particles and nuclei, magnetic field lines, energy and plasma conditions. FUSION is developed in a close scientific cooperation with Max-Planck-Institut (IPP). The artist duo cc2 work and live in Berlin, Germany. They create sonic projections around the world and devised a practice that encompasses living digital sculptures, time-based compositions and site-specific performances. 

For a temporary moment in time the audience, the architecture and surrounding will be enveloped in atmospheric frequencies of light and sound and transform the STUDIO PARK into one immersive scenery. This experience opens new perspectives for reflecting on time and space. Seeing the sound while simultaneously listening to the images on projection-mapped surfaces create a new dimension of perception and involvement with the location. 

The installation starts Sept 16th at 8:30pm

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The Artists

Caren Mueller is visual artist. In 2006 she founded LiCHTPiRATEN and works as their creative director. She lives in Germany Berlin/Uckermark. She has long design and planing experiences for high quality events. The performances are composed projection art, live und site-specific. The generative visuals arise from specific sound frequencies and interact dynamically with the surrounding space.

Christian Markwart is sound producer and sound artist. In 2005 he teamed up with the classical composer Nikola Jeremic and started his own sound studio “Echoplex Sounddesign“ in Berlin. Since 2010 he has been the sound producer for LiCHTPiRATEN contributing his sound and music compositions exclusively for live audiovisual performances. 


Thursday, September 15
Opening day of Artprize

Friday, September 16
Fusion at Studio Park
Show starts at 8:30pm

Sunday, September 18
Fusion at Studio Park
Show starts at 8:30pm

Thursday, September 22
Fusion at Studio Park
Show starts at 8:30pm

Wednesday September 28
Fusion at Studio Park
Show starts at 8:30pm


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